Tuesday, February 28, 2012


yep, it's true! i'm a diva-in-training. i'm training for the san francisco diva half-marathon in may. am i runner you ask? no! but i've set a goal for myself and i'm going to achieve it! i've already done a 5k (when i was in worse shape, hadn't been running at all) so i think i'm off to a good start. i've been following a training program online, doing cardio workouts with shorter runs during the week and a longer run on the weekend. my longest run completed so far was 6 miles. yay me! it hasn't been easy (major shin splints, sore muscles, sluggish days) but i'm looking ahead with excitement. i have a little over 2 months to go. if this body of mine holds up, i'll be one happy diva!

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DreamgirlLisa said...

You are awesome Marissa! I hope some of your inspiration rubs off on me one of these days!!