Tuesday, March 19, 2013

call me a liar!

yep! after reading my last post of blogging "at least once a week"... you can see how well that worked out. :) I do have to say that this school year is probably one of my toughest ones yet. no one should have to have 33 six year olds in a room made for 20. that alone has been my biggest challenge this year. i'm constantly "on" from the time the first bell rings until the dismissal bell at the end of the day. this has really been draining for me.

i'm trying to continue to make time for me--relax, refresh, rejuvenate...any way i can. time that i used to spend watching tv is now spent relaxing with my nook, letting my brain shut off from the day's craziness. i LOVE any time i get to read. it makes me so happy. so i try to do it as often as i can. i'm also still running but not as much as i should. a 6 week cold virus kicked my butt at the end of january. i'm slowly getting back into my exercise routine. this is also another outlet for my daily work stress.

i'm looking forward to spring break. this year kaleigh has spring break before connor and me. she just started her 2 weeks off. when she goes back to school, we start our break. would love to be productive around the house (a little spring cleaning) but still enjoy the time off. spring break is definitely something to look forward to!

well, time to get some school work done before i search for some new books to read online!