Friday, April 17, 2009

back from boston!

so once again, i'm late in posting. val and i had a great time in boston! the weather was perfect for us--sunny and not too cold. but by sunday, our last day there, it was windy and freezing!!! a good time to come home. we took in all the sites of the city, did tours, walked everywhere, took the subway train (we were experts by day 2), took lots of pictures, went to a redsox game (awesome even though they didn't win), and just enjoyed ourselves. this was our first real trip away without the kids. so, it's been 5 days since we've come home and we're ready for our next adventure!!

a few photos from fenway park

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

the final countdown

only 3 more days and we're going to boston!! val and i leave early wednesday morning for our trip. he finally gets his christmas present! ha! thursday is our red sox game. we can't wait. we are going to sight see the next 3 days. so much to do. so much to see. woohoo!!

scrappin' fun

it's been 3 weeks since our concord scrap vacation. i miss it so much!! :) nikki, zabrina, and i had an awesome time scrappin', relaxing, and laughing! i actually got a lot completed which was a total shock since i usually come home with a few pages done. woohoo! can't wait 'til we go back in september for more!!

oh yes, i DID put a picture of us on here!! ha!ha! facebook that zabrina! :)

here's some of the things i brought with me...
...and more! you can never bring too much. you might need it! you just might.
dreaming of the next scrap weekend

hello? anyone there?

yes, it's been awhile...a whole month!? what the heck! since my last post everyone has had the flu and a cold or cough. i have had plenty of stress which i am working at getting rid of! i'm trying to relax more, take time for me, stretch, and get more sleep. i will have to keep working on all of that. i want results now! :) spring break is coming; that will be a perfect time to de-stress. oh yah!