Monday, February 16, 2009

we love reading!

kaleigh loves reading but lately she has been reading a lot of books for our class's february reading contest. we went to the library twice this last week to get books. she's excited that she can read all kinds of books. connor is getting in on the book thing too. when we went to the library he pulled some books off the shelves for him and yelled, "mom, i found some books for me!"

this is what they looked like on the ride home from the library.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


can  you tell grandma does some power shopping?! two of the same problem! connor and cole thought that was neat.
(the kids wouldn't look at the camera at the same time so uncle don helped get their attention. ha!)

perfect day for the park!

uncle don, aunt jana, and cole came to visit pop-pop today so we all went to the park. kaleigh and connor brought their bikes since cole had brought his. cole's bike didn't have pedals, so he could use his feet and then coast on it. too cool!

sierra had fun chasing sticks and tennis balls at the park. here she is "smiling". that face cracks me up. it looks like she's ready to attack but she's actually enjoying herself! go figure!

here's cole on his cool bike. he was really good at riding it!

connor and kaleigh loved riding down the big hill at the park. they kept going back for more!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

happy birthday!

big D turned 66 last sunday. happy birthday dad!!

are you ready for some football?!

it was super bowl sunday and dad's birthday. what better reason to celebrate! we went over to his house to watch the game on the big screen and celebrate. i really didn't care who won the game, i just like to watch the commercials. i'm more of a baseball fan than football. :)

 i made a cake for the party. it was my attempt at a football. ha!
everyone took part in the 3-d viewing. it was funny to see the adults intensely watching the tv screen.