Saturday, January 2, 2016

mission impossible?

starting another new year with my house in chaos was not going to happen...again! so i took on the challenge to get rid of the clutter and organize part of my life.

here's what i was up against--
 everything was on the floor because i couldn't find the leggings i wanted...because i have a bad habit of shoving things in the closet instead of setting them in neatly, cuz that might take an extra minute of time, which i don't want to take.

and then there's this overflowing craziness i try and call a closet. yes, i DO need that many shoes. my poor hubby isn't allowed to keep more than 3 pairs of his shoes in there. my name is marissa and i am a shoe-aholic!

so i spent a few hours on the smaller closet...sorting through, getting rid of things i didn't wear, and reorganizing the clothing on each shelf. 

i am pleased with how it turned it out! 
we'll see how long i can keep it like this.

and, hello!! so much room now!!! my friend said, "now you have room for more shoes!" shhh! don't tell my husband that i might be thinking about that. :) 

this makes me feel so good! the crazy clutter was killing me before but i kept putting off cleaning it because it would take a lot of time. i donated 4 huge bags of stuff to Goodwill. the big empty shelf held 12 photo box sized containers filled with music cds. i was on such an organizing spree that i went through all of the cds, loading any songs i wanted onto iTunes, and planning to get rid of the rest. that had been a project i had been wanting to do forever!! so glad and relieved that it's finally done.

so now it's on to my school stuff that's been at home for too long. time to make the hubby happy and get rid of it, i mean "organize" it! wish me luck!