Monday, June 29, 2009

2nd grade talent show

kaleigh had been talking about being the 2nd grade talent show ever since she sat in the audience as a kindergartner. she finally got to perform this year. her and a friend performed a hula hoop routine to the jonas brothers' song s.o.s. she did fantastic! i was more nervous than she was. :)


after a day at sea world, we went to legoland. it was very crowded but the kids still had fun; even though they were still tired from the day before at sea world. the last time we were at legoland connor was almost 1 and kaleigh was almost 5. so many changes to see.

sea world

over memorial day weekend, we took the kids to sea world and legoland. this was the kids first time to sea world and we had a blast! we spent the whole day there--going to shows, looking at animals, getting wet, and having fun. we ended the night with a special shamu show and fireworks.

strawberry picking...finally!

for the past 10 years or so i've been telling val that i've wanted to go pick strawberries. the weekend after mother's we finally went. we went out to breakfast and then to the fields. it was a scorching hot day so we picked fast; well at least i did. :)

the kids did this all on their own (mommy didn't have to tell them to pose!!) they thought they were hilarious!

kaleigh held the box for val while he picked the berries. i guess she didn't want to get too sweaty. hee!hee!

connor took a turn to hold the box. at first he would pick anything off the bushes until we told him what we were looking for--big red berries!

so yummy!!

swim team...all summer long

sounds better if you sing it in your best kid rock voice. ha! well ever since the middle of april kaleigh has been hittin' the swim pool with the aquaknights again. she's doing a lot better this year. her strokes look good and her times are improving. can't wait 'til next year and maybe her brother will join her!