Sunday, October 26, 2008

third time's a charm!

we saw high school musical 3 yesterday. kaleigh has been counting down the days until opening day, so we had to go. kaleigh, connor, and i went to an early afternoon show to see the ol' gang. kaleigh really liked it. she said this one was her favorite! i have to agree with her. does that make me lame? oh well. inside i still think i am a teenager. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

hey goalie!

this was the day kaleigh had been waiting for all season; the day she played goalie! she played goalie for the first half and really liked it. val said the ball never came near her the first quarter. :) connor and i got to the game just in time to see her make a great stop and pass it off to her teammates. she was really pleased with herself. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

soccer anyone?

kaleigh's team was in a tournament this past weekend. who doesn't like being outside for 4 hours in the howling, gusty wind for 2 days in a row? the super stars didn't mind one bit. the team did great! they won all their games and the tournament. kaleigh is doing better with going after the ball. she's excited about getting to play goalie in one of the last games. only 3 more games left of the season. it sure went by quick. sh! don't tell anyone i said that.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

our new kitty!

this is the closest we'll ever get to having a pet. haha! we were at michael's shopping for some halloween decorations when connor spotted the kitty. he had to have it. so we got it for him. he then walked around the store, holding it close, petting it and saying, "nice kitty." it was so funny! so our halloween kitty now sits in our living room keeping the witch mimi gave us company.

i'm here!!!

where have i been? it's been a very challenging start to my school year. things are just starting to be less crazy...i said less, not normal. ha! kaleigh is in my class this year and things are going well. it's neat to see how she thinks, the work she creates, and her excitement for learning. i'm happy she's spending this school year with me. :) we finally have a little break from soccer. it doesn't officially end until the end of the month...i think. kaleigh is doing the terrapin swim team for stroke instruction twice a week. so she's been busy since school started. val is helping coach her soccer team and once again (against my wishes) coaching water polo. that too, will be over at the end of the month. the chaos of everything starting the same time school starts can be too much for me. connor was taking swim lessons this past month and doing really well. he's actually swimming now on his own! he's such a talker and says the funniest things. as for me, i've been getting lots of use out of our new exercise equipment and have been doing jenny craig to help me get in shape. i'm down 20 pounds so far! val has even started working out too. that's what's happening with us. hopefully, blogging will be one of my routines again...hopefully, i said! :)