Saturday, September 26, 2009

a new school year

another year of school started...five weeks ago!! it's been keeping me so busy. not only am i teaching but i am also the co-president of our school's pto with nikki this year. our stress level has been "taken up a few notches" to say the least. i am waiting for the moment when i can actually breathe a sigh relief of not having to be constantly on the go. ha! that'll be awhile. :)

kaleigh was so excited to start third grade and be in mrs. edelbacher's class. she's now on the other side of the school, which means i hardly get to see her. yes, that makes me a little sad. but she loves third grade and tells me that every day. i had to laugh when she said to me, "mom, thanks for giving me to mrs. edelbacher." if it makes you this happy, then "your welcome, kaleigh!"

kaleigh on the first day of third grade