Sunday, August 31, 2008

the night before school

kaleigh was so excited to go back to school. since i am her 2nd grade teacher this year, she had lots of questions for me about what i'll be teaching her. she chose her clothes for the week, packed her own lunch, and enjoyed a special dinner of her choice (cafeteria style).

scraptacular weekend

last weekend was my scraptacular getaway weekend with nikki and zabrina. it was lots of fun as usual but there was a little stress too since it was the weekend before school started. we got pedicures from ginamarie's daughter and her friend, played games, ate delicious mexcian food, slept in amazing beds, and scrapped. what could be better than that?!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

one more post!!!

today was the day--in case you were wondering...i did buy me, i mean kaleigh, the new jonas brothers cd!!

camping in tahoe

we took the kids camping in lake tahoe this past week. the culcasi's met us up there for a few days. what fun the kids had! they couldn't get enough playing in the dirt, swimming at the beach, and smores by the fire.

this was kaleigh and connor's first time camping which was definitely an adventure for us all. after the long ride in the car (a stop for lunch in placerville) we got to our camp site and started to set up camp. of course the kids helped...not!

the kids didn't realize that it took much longer than expected to unload our car that was literally packed to the roof and beyond with camping supplies and gear. the next day we went hiking at emerald bay. we only had to hear whining on the way back up to really was harder going back up than down but we all made it!
what a view! lake tahoe is so beautiful. this would be a place that i could live, well at least in summer that is. not sure if i could handle the cold and snow in winter.

extreme room makeover

kaleigh was tired of her old pink room and wanted a makeover. she chose the color and new bedspread. it turned out nice. much nicer than the pepto bismal pink that used to cover her walls! this picture was taken before everything went back in her room.

her finished room looks really nice. now the hard part is her keeping it clean!!!

biddy soccer

connor has been playing biddy soccer in brentwood on saturdays. his team is called the, not spidermen...spidermans. this was the name his teammates came up with, kids who range in age from 3-5 years old. :)

it's funny to watch the kids play. some are so into it while others could care less if they were there. connor has his last game this saturday and i'm looking forward to seeing him and his little teammates chase after the ball.

i'm not lost...

just been busy these past few weeks. kaleigh finished her swim season. she did a wonderful job for her first time on the team. she even wants to do it again next year! both the kids have been doing soccer--biddy soccer for connor and edysl for kaleigh. both also did swim lessons for the past 6 weeks. connor has come a long way! he loves the water and really wants to swim on his own. :) school will be starting soon; only a week and a half until the first day. i've been trying to get things organized for school but it's been hard to focus. i think i love summer too much to give it up yet. ha! ha!