Monday, March 9, 2009

a weekend away

val and i went to sutter creek for a weekend away. we stayed at the sutter creek inn, a bed & breakfast right on main street.

i've never been near this area of california before. everything was so green! i loved seeing the hills and trees go on and on.

this was main street. for a small town, it sure was a busy street! this was taken at 10 in the morning.
we took a drive on saturday to see what was around. this lead us to wine tasting at some nearby wineries and then an underground tour of a gold mine. 

saturday night was a different story...i got the flu. i was up all night!  a few days before, kaleigh had it. while the kids were with my mom this weekend, connor got it and my dad. then home on sunday, val got it and now on monday, my mom is now being cursed with it! we did have a good time while it lasted. :)

opening night

though i'm two weeks late in posting, i did take kaleigh to see the jonas brothers 3d movie on opening night. i won the title of "best mother ever" by surprising her with tickets and buying the official, limited time cd and poster of the movie (before it sold out) and dinner. all in all $75 well spent. ha!

anyways, we had a great time. it was just like being at the concert. (yes, we were there in the summer. woohoo!) the audience of tween and teen girls screaming as if the brothers could hear them was crazy, and of course, everything was in 3d.