Sunday, February 5, 2012

the PBR

if you know me, then you know that i'm not into country music, wranglers, big belt buckles and cowboy hats. but i've been slowly getting hooked onto watching bull riding on tv. when val first turned it on, i'd laugh and then leave the room. then the kids started watching it. and then i gave in and sat through one event. i couldn't believe how crazy these guys are to ride these huge bulls. well after a year of watching the pbr (professional bull riders) on tv, we finally got to see it in person! the pbr came to sacramento and we went, along with mimi & pop pop, and don, jana, and cole.

the introduction had a huge fireworks display and all the cowboys were introduced. the top 5 riders were put in the spotlight above the chutes.

funny thing about the bulls that night was that most of them didn't want to go back in the chutes when the ride was over. they ran around the rink until they got roped and were led back in.

we had great seats. we could see all the riders getting ready in the chutes as well as the bulls in the pens behind the chutes.

valdiron de oliveira (one of the many brazilians) won that night. my guy (mr. hollywood) didn't do too good, ended up taking a horn to the chin and getting stitches.

the kids LOVED watching the riders and the bulls, even watching the rodeo clown dancing for the crowds. they can't wait to see them in person again!

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