Sunday, May 27, 2012

the final countdown

so the school year is coming to an 9 days to be exact. the end of the school year is always a welcome time since summer will begin. swim season is in full force now, so we'll be busy everyday just not with school stuff. june means our anniversary and birthdays...lots of birthdays! :)

this has been a wonderful school year! i have loved being back in first grade and it was made extra special by having connor in my class. what a special year it's been! kaleigh is ending her time at elementary school and will be heading to middle school in august. new adventures for her! it will be hard for me to adjust to not having her with me at my school but i know she'll do well on her own. i'll miss our little chats in the car on the way to school and seeing her on campus everyday. now it will just be connor and me. i look forward to watching him grow and experience school these next few years.

let's get through these 9 days and have a fun filled and memorable summer! can hardly wait!

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