Monday, August 3, 2009

swim team pasta feed

last friday the aquaknights had a pasta dinner for the kids and their families to get ready for the league championships swim meet this past weekend. kaleigh had a good time eating and talking with her friends.

this was the night that the kids got their awards for the swim-a-thon. we knew kaleigh had raised a lot of money for the team but we found out she was the 3rd highest money earner with $343! she was excited to hear that. kids who raised over $300 for the team are invited to an ice cream party with the coaches and were awarded with a certificate to aladino's pizza, a team tattoo, and a certificate. wow!

she also earned another award for swimming the most laps in her age group. she swam the most laps of the 7&8 girls--60 laps in 45 minutes. for that challenge she earned a new backpack, swimsuit, t-shirt, water bottle, team tattoo, sharpie marker, and a medal. she was so surprised to see all her prizes. way to go, kaleigh!!

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