Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i'm not proud of this

so this is what has been sitting on my living room floor for well over a week. it's all school stuff that i brought home at the beginning of summer so i can plan and get prepared...yeah, right! well it's been in the garage most of summer and just got brought in about a week or so ago. the plan was to go through it and organize things so i can start the new school year smoothly...and so it still sits there. every day i tell myself "i'm going to go through the piles today." and everyday i find something else to do. stuff that's really important like reading smutty books, doing laundry, surfing the internet, taking a know, "important" stuff! i think i'm in denial that summer is coming to an end. if i touch this stuff does it mean summer's over?! to be safe, i better just put it off one more day. ha!ha!


DreamgirlLisa said...

Ha, love your piles! Well, since I have to be back, I'm anxious for you guys to be back too, it's lonely!!! See you soon :)
(Love your blog!)

Nikki Culcasi said...

Hey there is show about this on TLC. ha ha