Wednesday, August 12, 2009

connor builds a bear

we took the kids to build a bear workshop in walnut creek after kaleigh's league championship meet to celebrate her amazing swims. the plan was for her to get a new animal...but connor wasn't going to be left out. :) kaleigh chose a cute jack russell terrier which she named russell. connor chose a panda bear which he named po like the one in the movie kung fu panda.

smiling for mom!

connor waiting patiently to stuff his panda.

this was the first time connor actually wanted to step on the pedal to stuff his bear. he was always too scared before of the noise, such a big boy now.

giving his bear a squeeze to see if it's huggable enough.

blowing kisses on the little heart before it goes inside his bear. aww! cute!

combing and fluffing his bear to make it look great.

all done! he wanted to carry both boxes. he was so proud. :)

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