Sunday, January 24, 2010


well the new year came and the first month is almost over...good thing i didn't make a resolution to blog more. ha! no resolutions for me this year. instead i plan on making little changes. baby steps instead of leaps. :) little changes that will improve my life.

i plan on leaving work at a decent hour (by 4 o'clock) instead of leaving with the custodian; leaving more work at work instead of dragging it home with me; realizing that tv does not rule my life (this has been easy and has been in effect since october); spend time doing what i enjoy--spending time with family, reading (i have been in such a book craze since last april! can't keep my nose out of books), and exercising (equipment in the garage is calling my name, as well as my gym membership)

2009 was too stressful. i'm looking for 2010 to be more relaxed, laid back. so what ever i can do to ease the stress in my life, i will try...taking baby steps all the way, of course!

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