Monday, December 21, 2009

sitting with santa

last weekend we took the kids to get their picture taken with santa at scrapdiva. connor has never sat with santa for pictures, let alone talk to him. while we were waiting our turn, i asked connor if he was going to sit on santa's lap, to which he quickly replied "no!" i thought "great. another year of no sitting with santa." when it was our turn, we all walked to the back of the store where santa waited. kaleigh went first, while connor stood aside and cautiously watched. she jumped off santa's lap and connor was coaxed towards santa. val and i were amazed when he started answering santa's questions and got up on his lap. it only took 4 1/2 years but it was worth it to see him comfortable enough to interact with santa!

when we were done, connor asked, "is the real santa going to come to our house on christmas?" i laughed having no idea he knew that wasn't the "real" santa. i told him that santa was so busy getting ready for christmas that he has friends to help him with things like santa pictures. :)

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