Monday, July 27, 2009

pear fair

going to the pear fair was another one of those things that val and i have said we wanted to do each summer. well, we finally went this year. it's always the last sunday in july in the small town of courtland along the river.

there were a lot of pears in the orchards as we drove to courtland. all looked ready to be picked!

we sat in the shade as the pear parade made its way through the streets. wave to the pear queen!

there were a lot of things for the kids to do. this wasn't one that we let them do though! ha!

the jumpies await!! connor saw these from the parking lot and couldn't wait to play on them.

did i mention that it was frickin' hot!?!? it was! the kids were hot and sweaty from playing on the jumpies, i was just hot and sweaty from watching them. :) so giant snowcones were the answer to how to cool off.

we didn't eat anything with pears while we were there. but we did leave with a bagful of pears to take home.

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DreamgirlLisa said...

Great pictures Marissa! Sounds like you and your family are having a great summer!