Monday, July 27, 2009

ice cream safari

we went to the ice cream safari at the sacramento zoo this past saturday with the culcasi's. this was our first time there, and it definitely won't be our last. once inside there's all the baskin robbins ice cream you can eat! you just walk right up and get a dish, cone, sundae or float...mmm! the kids thought that was the coolest thing. this was our kind of safari!! ha! so many choices--chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chip, peanut butter and chocolate, mango sorbet, rootbeer floats, to name a few!

waiting for a scoop of the next delicious ice cream flavor

one of kaleigh's favorite flavors--mint chip

this strawberry ice cream put me over the top. i felt like i didn't want to see any more ice cream for at least a year!! (ok, that feeling lasted a whole day...i ate ice cream last night)

oh, and we saw some animals too! haha! it wasn't all about the ice cream...was it???

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