Thursday, March 27, 2008

what a wednesday!

val took the day off and we headed to the san francisco zoo. it had been 15 years since val and i had last been there and the kids had never been. the weather was perfect for our visit. we walked around for over 3 hours seeing all the animals. the giraffes were the first animals to see; we made our way through the crowd of people watching the giraffes "give piggy back rides" and we even saw a baby giraffe. some of our favorites to see--anteater, polar bears, gorillas, penguins, and koalas. 
watching the penguins swim in the water was fun. 

after the zoo we headed to pier 39 for lunch at the hard rock cafe. on the way, we went down lombard street for kaleigh to see how crazy that was. we fit in with all the other tourists that were either taking pictures of it or walking/driving down it. i videotaped our trip down but i had trouble loading it. kaleigh had really wanted to go to alcatraz but we got there too late...another day we'll go.
a few sea lions soaking up the warm sunshine. they were very noisy!
we had a great time in the city. we definitely were tired by the time we got home. the kids slept in 'til 9:30 this morning. nice!!! 

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