Monday, March 24, 2008

happy easter!

the kids were thrilled to find these easter goodies on their beds in the morning.

"this was the best easter ever!" according to kaleigh. we started the morning with a scavenger hunt for the kids which led to their easter surprise--baskets filled with toys and goodies. the first of three egg hunts happened next in our jammies and tennies of course! connor knew what to do this year which was too cute. he kept saying, "another egg" as he put them in his bucket. kaleigh had her sights set on as many eggs as she could find; which was a lot!! we had brunch at grandma mimi's and pop pop's house and had the second egg hunt...way too many eggs! by the time we went to grandma lydia's house we all were so tired, except for kaleigh, who was determined to find more eggs. once we got home, val, connor and i crashed on the couch while kaleigh played with all her new toys. what a great day!

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Nikki Culcasi said...

Your easter bunny rocks! Can I have his phone number?