Saturday, January 15, 2011

Connor's loose teeth

connor went to the dentist for a cleaning last week and we found out he had not one, but FOUR loose teeth! what a surprise! we could see his new tooth already coming in before the others were ready to come out. he was so curious as to what was going to happen and how. once kaleigh mentioned the tooth fairy, the questions just kept coming. haha! kaleigh reminded me that connor needed a tooth pillow of his own. so i dusted off my sewing machine and made one just for him. he was so proud!

his tooth was barely hanging in there two days later. he let val pull it out. what a brave kid!! i don't do loose teeth well...i was in the other room, covering my ears and shutting my eyes. :) once the tooth was out, he kept looking at himself in the mirror, while i kept asking to take his picture. he wanted nothing to do with that though. so the few pictures i got were of him squinting or not being able to see his new space. oh well. the tooth fairy left connor a note and $5, just like kaleigh's first tooth (she reminded us of this). our little buddy is growing up!

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