Friday, November 19, 2010

thanksgiving vacation begins...yay!!!

this afternoon was the start of thanksgiving vacation. a whole week off!! i awaited this day for so long...and it's finally here! this will be a much needed week off from a hectic, stressful, and crazy few weeks. i can't wait to sleep in, read, watch movies with the family, maybe even get a little crafty. who knows, i might get a little crazy and actually spend some time in the kitchen cooking!?! ha! all i do know is that i am going to enjoy every minute of every day that i have off. :)

kaleigh & connor couldn't wait to watch the last airbender with val. connor didn't last long.
don't worry bud, there'll be other nights. vacation just started. :)

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DreamgirlLisa said...

Yay!! I feel the same way, so excited to just have the time to do what I love! Love the picture of Connor asleep on dad :) Enjoy your week!!