Sunday, October 25, 2009

mall of america

since val's conference was in minnesota, we were able to see one of minnesota's biggest tourist attractions...the mall of america. val wasn't too impressed, "it's just another mall." yes, but this mall has an amusement park inside! we did lots of walking around the mall, me more so than val since i entertained myself while he was at his conference. we went to the mall when we first flew in on thursday and no one was there. by saturday it was crazy! you would have thought it was christmastime with all the people inside. way too crowded for me but that didn't stop me from hanging out. :) the whole time i was at the mall i kept thinking i'd see robin sparkles (how i met your mother) ha! and i couldn't get her song out of my head!!! "let's all go to the!"

nickelodeon is responsible for the big amusement park in the middle of the mall

archiver's is a scrapbook store that i had to experience. i'm so glad i did. it was wonderful in there! spent a few hours and enough money there. i wish we had one in california.

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