Sunday, July 6, 2008

happy 4th of july!

we spent the 4th at home having a bbq with family and some of our neighbors. we enjoyed sitting in the backyard talking and watching the kids play. the kids kept us entertained, especially our neighbor logan! once it got dark, we had a perfect view of fireworks on the deck. any direction we looked, we saw amazing fireworks!

kathy and logan -- looking at some of the fireworks from on top of the play structure

kaleigh and the boys hanging out with the daddies. 

gage loved being near kaleigh. where ever she went, he was glued to her side. too cute! (he's in the orange shirt, if you didn't know! ha!)

where's connor you ask??? connor didn't like the fireworks, the loud noises scared him. he was inside watching spongebob until he fell asleep. :)

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